Almost immediately after the start of sales, I bought myself a brand new iPhone 15 Pro Max, almost fully equipped. A stand with a cool display, in a nice titanium case, with an incredible performance reserve and good autonomy.

This is my first Apple smartphone with Pro delivery. Moreover, before that, I used the iPhone 11 for about four years, which during this time was already outdated too much strongly.

However, until recently, I didn’t see much point in changing my smartphone. I always have a MacBook with me, and I always do almost all tasks on it (even in the Moscow metro). However, the four-year-old iPhone was no longer pleasing at all.

My main complaints about the iPhone 11 were insufficient performance, as well as battery life of only a few hours of inactive use.

However, after purchasing the iPhone 15 Pro Max I received a whole set of good impressions. Of all of them, only 7 stand out, which is especially important to me. Almost all of them are non-standard.

By the way, all photos in the article were taken on the iPhone 15 Pro Max (we have a review at the link). It’s a good device that, among other things, produces very good results, I’d like to share.

1. The new iPhone is very, very fast.

I sometimes play even the simplest games from Apple Arcade, fortunately now they all just fly, which has a great effect on the experience.

I had no complaints about the performance of the iPhone 11 I used before until I started driving a CarPlay-enabled car.

Before this, it seemed to me that the device, which had gone through fire and water over the past 4 years, coped very well with any of my tasks.

I remember how they grumbled, they say, smartphones hit the ceilingand even Apple itself can’t do anything interesting in terms of performance. I was wrongand strongly.

As an example, the difference in performance between the iPhone 15 Pro Max based on the 3nm Apple A17 Pro (2897 Geekbench single-core and 7197 multi-core) and the iPhone 11 on the 7nm Apple A13 Bionic (1685 single-core and 3562 multi-core) is simply brilliant.

Of course, CarPlay, which had previously been “overly thoughtful” in my car in America, began to work absolutely normally. Moreover, I began to use my smartphone more often when I took out my MacBook. Moreover, I now have a 15-inch one.

2. My smartphone finally works without charging all day

Inside the smartphone there is a fresh battery, which after 3 months still shows 100% condition.

In the last couple of years, many have strongly criticized iPhone batteries, which go through chemical aging, judging by the status menu in the smartphone’s power supply, much faster than before.

For example, another author of, Pavel, improved to 84% of a fairly recent iPhone 13 Pro in just a year and a half (in relation to this issue in this article). It took my iPhone 11 a whole 4 years to do this.

It seems like we need to criticize Apple’s new smartphones for having bad batteries, but that’s unfair. The batteries are about the same, it’s just that the company has given us much more tempting ways to kill them very quickly with our own hands.

Of course, in principle, any wireless charging technologies themselves are not used in any form. Moreover, I am sure that MagSafe magnetic “pills” are the most disgusting when applied to the batteries of our smartphones.

However, after 4 years, my iPhone 11 still barely lasted until very late in the evening, if I used it only for periodic calls. iPhone 15 pro max in my mode of use easily survives almost until the night of the second day.

3. Apple has switched to USB-C, and this is very important to me

Only in the photo did I notice that the edges of the port had already become fairly scratched from the Type-C cable that is regularly connected to it.

When Apple released new smartphones without Lightning, it immediately decided that it needed to abandon this overtly confidential form for its own use as quickly as possible.

No sooner said than done. As a result, today in our house we only have the remote control for Apple TV 4K, which also has a touch panel, as well as my wife’s headphones, AirPods 3rd generation, which need to be charged via Lightning. Everything else is on Type-C.

True, I had to buy not one, but two iPhone 15 Pro Max, and also upgrade to the new AirPods Pro with USB-C, but it definitely fits the bill. We will definitely finish this story when Apple re-releases the missing parts.

I like when with such a minimum number of additional accessories, which are needed to maintain the life of basic devices. They say less is better, but better. I agree with this 100%, and Type-C fits perfectly with this dogma.

By the way, I haven’t even tested the data transfer speed over the cable yet. However, this is only necessary for professional work with video images, and such tasks are not yet suitable for me.

4. I liked the large and high-quality OLED screen at 120 Hz.

It’s funny, the screen color in the photo seems deeply black, the cutout seems virtually invisible, which is not entirely true in real life.

It’s a pity, now I have an iPhone 11 at hand, I no longer have it, so I can’t take a photo of two devices side by side. When you use them separately, there is, of course, no such “Wow!” effect. But up close, the difference is simply brilliant.

Of the wide variety of benefits, a few are close to my heart:

minimal frames — I clearly have some trauma from the wide iPhone 11 IPS screen;
120 Hz via ProMotion — effects in the interface are even faster today;
impressive 6.7 inches — they gave you the opportunity to win an iPad on YouTube while cooking breakfast;
always-on screen — I like it when the smartphone lies next to the laptop, and all the important information is immediately visible on it.

After the frankly old Apple smartphone, everything else on the iPhone 15 Pro Max display didn’t particularly impress me. Or I don’t understand it myself, it’s great not on paper, but in the imagination of life.

Except that…

5. Dynamic Island really impressed TrueDepth

The widgets at the top of the screen aren’t all that easy to use, but the interface still looks cool.

Yes, I really liked how Apple has implemented a camera stand and closed-screen sensors in its smartphones in recent years. Wherein I’m impressed not Dynamic Island itself, but the way the company plays with it in the device interface.

The widest variety of system animations, one way or another, manifests itself precisely with the “island”. Widgets for applications and timers are just very convenient for me.

I think when the company’s engineers are able to hide the front camera and everything they need right under the screen, they will remove the cutout, but leave all the accompanying animations.

However, something tells me that this clearly did not happen in the next few years. Today, maintaining the quality of sensors and technology is quite difficult, and the iPhone still needs at least some distinguishing factor.

By the way, now I subconsciously look at the iPhone hands around me, plus or minus assessing their generation specifically on Dynamic Island. For what? Don’t know.

6. The iPhone 15 Pro Max camera has as many as 6 lenses versus 2.

After the iPhone 11, the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s unique shooting capabilities are fantastic.

The iPhone 11, as in 2023-2024, has quite good potential with points of view, taking photos and videos, although previously it seemed to me that the device takes photographs simply fantastically.

On a smartphone that has taken at least several thousand photographs in different countries of the world, there are only 2 physical and open lenses. This significantly limits the possibilities for taking photos and videos.

iPhone 15 Pro Max has 3 physical cameras and 6 virtual lenses: 0.5×, 1× at 24mm, 1.2× at 28mm, 1.5× at 35mm, 2× and 5×.

All this, together with the variable macro mode, opens up space for experimentation, both for creative photography and reportage.

Plus, it’s important to note, and what quickly became known, that the camera app works on the iPhone 15 Pro Max. It literally took a few seconds to take a photo from the locked state.

7. I also like the MagSafe ecosystem, but not for charging.

The magnetic stand in which the oven is located, almost like in the rear camera unit, surprises and pleases.

As stands and holders for the iPhone 15 Pro Max, I took an analogue of PopSockets. This thing, which is magnetized to the back of the smartphone, often helps me set it up vertically so that YouTube can be viewed with one eye.

As I noted above, I don’t like MagSafe as an iPhone charging technology, since it causes chemical aging of the battery.

But I really like the wide selection of magnetic gadgets and accessories in the entire MagSafe ecosystem, which have already been implemented and are yet to come.

Here and stands-holderslike mine, and stabilizersAnd tripodsAnd dock station on the desktop and for the car. In fact, there are very, very many different ones.

I understand that MagSafe has been available to many for several years, but let me remind you that I switched from the iPhone 11, which did not have anything like this, so for me this technology in the iPhone 15 Pro Max is a real delight of discovery.

All described impressions of the iPhone 15 Pro Max briefly

Speed ​​of work. After the iPhone 11, the brand new iPhone 15 Pro Max is very, very fast. In my use cases, this is especially noticeable together with CarPlay in the car, which was ungodly stupid on the old smartphone.

Autonomy. With my not very active use of the smartphone, it literally survives until the night of the second day. This continued to happen, I do not recommend using MagSafe and other Qi-enabled things to charge it.

Switch to Type-C. For me specifically, he completely withstood the victory from Lightning. Yes, and in my apartment today there are only a couple of devices that charge according to the old standard, and there is nothing to replace them with yet.

High quality screen. I like the speed of its updating, the minimal size of the frames, as well as the constant active use of information that should be in front of my eyes.

Dynamic Island Interface. There is nothing good about the cutout as such radiation, but Apple successfully played with it using interface elements, so it looks very good.

Shooting capabilities. The iPhone 15 Pro Max has as many as 6 lenses, as well as mode settings for shooting macro and other special scenes. This is sufficient for any task.

MagSafe ecosystem. I don’t recommend using magnetic charging, but the ecosystem of holders, stands, stabilizers, tripods and other accessories itself after its inclusion in the iPhone 11 is very pleasing.

Of course, the material is 100% artificial. It touched only on those points that appeared to me on the iPhone 15 Pro Max when switching from the iPhone 11. There is no specific new information about it.

I realized that today it is most logical to update your device about once every 3-4 years. Previously, this did not matter much, but later we will have to put up with the obvious achievements of traditional gadgets.

In general, I’m even more than pleased with my update. But I’ve never had a big leap in technology.

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