Innovations in smartphones do not always work exactly as manufacturers think. from time to time they give problems and this is something with one of the new functions included. On Apple iPhone 14. We tell you exactly what happened in Japan, where they were not very happy.

Here’s what’s going on with the new option available on the Cupertino company’s latest generation iPhone: accident detection (Crash Detection). With this, and using the sensors in the phones of the North American firm, it can tell if there has been an accident (for example, by bike or car). If this is the case, the protocol is activated, which, among other things, calls the local emergency services to prevent further harm to the user. Yes, an excellent idea that does not work perfectly in the land of the Rising Sun.

Problems produced by iPhone

According to the data coming from the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Fire Brigade and Disaster Administration, users who own the Apple phone we are talking about are asked to own it. Be especially careful when using the function that allows you to detect accidents. The reason is this: a significant increase in automatic emergency calls has been detected, and these have been found to be errors, not moments of need.

The accident detection function of the ipHone 14


Some examples given for the realization of this demand are, Kita-Alps Nagano and Gujo City fire departments, particularly relevant data have been reported. In the first case we are talking about 919 communications between 16-23 January 2023, 134 of them ‘wrong’, in the second part the numbers are as follows (1 to 23): 351, 135 invalid. in significant quantities and in emergency rooms, it may assume a problem with the operation.

For this reason, the demand for control of iPhone 14 owners started, but if things continue in the same way, it is not unlikely. take some more consistent measures Thus, the problems that arise are not an inconvenience.

A feature that can be disabled

The fact is that crash detection functionality is good and great help in troubled times, but as you can see it’s not exactly perfect. Luckily it’s possible to disable it from working, but that’s definitely not something iPhone 14 owners will enjoy, so it would be ideal if Apple gave it a chance to optimize the way it works a bit more.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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