WhatsApp can be considered a complete messaging tool in many ways. It is not only for sending messages but also has other features like the option to receive payments.

Wondering how to do this? See below what you need to do to enable payments on WhatsApp.

How to enable payments on WhatsApp?

If you work in sales or just want to get Pix, see below what you need to do to enable payments on WhatsApp:

  • Open a conversation or group and check if the payment function is enabled. To do this, click on the clip icon and look for the option Payment;

  • If the option is enabled, you can request payment via WhatsApp to anyone on your list. If it doesn’t appear, try checking your device’s store to see if you have the latest version of the app installed.

Configure Meta Pay to make payments

Before receiving payments on WhatsApp, You need to create a Meta Pay account. This is a messenger-connected system, as well as being compatible with credit cards, debit cards, and other forms of transactions.

Check out how to do this below:

  • Open the conversation or group you want to charge;
  • Tap the icon with the real symbol and then tap the tab To request;

You need to pass this screen to set up Meta Pay on WhatsApp and receive payments.

  • Enter the fee amount, followed by a message stating the reason for charging;
  • In the next step, tap To continue and then To create to start configuring the payment service;
  • After agreeing to the terms of service and clicking To continue, Create a six-digit PIN password. keep this numberSince it will be important for your access;
  • Enter the requested personal data and then tap . To go forward;
  • Add your credit card information, choose a verification method for it, and then To continue To submit a payment request.

Is there a maximum amount for payments on WhatsApp?

If this question has already crossed your mind, the answer is yes. For those who want to use messenger to receive payments, The limit of fees within the application is R$ 1,000 per transaction.

Another important point is that the debtor must make payment within six business days from the date you send the collection request. If this period expires, the process will need to be repeated.

It’s important to note that WhatsApp limits receipts per sale only to those with a WhatsApp Business account. If you are not in this group, you can only receive amounts by debit card and the amount will be sent to your account after confirmation from the person making the withdrawal.

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