The Olympian Model 01 can now be used as a classic electric car in the world’s most popular models. In the new company developed by Olympian Motors, including cars, are our parents’ parents in the stock market. Non-classical elements are fully used in the interior and exterior. Engineers and designers decided to focus on non-minimalism and retrograde technology and comfort.

The 01 is available on all-wheel drive sedans and has its own body with military-grade titanium alloy and carbon fiber bodywork. In the case of the Chinese brand U Power Tech, the electric motor volume is 310 liters. s., capable of accelerating it to speed in 5.7 seconds. This “little” fantasy includes a top speed of 260 km/h and a more than decent 490 km range.

Olympic model 01

The interior of the living room is made exclusively from environmentally friendly materials – steel, silk, cashmere and exotic woods. High-quality code and pre-cluster without head-up HUD or voice command system. Users can use their voice to control the operating modes of the most important systems, air conditioning, multimedia center and lighting. Passive safety system 9 airbags and multi-faceted systems.

The company is offering a $500 deposit for a limited number of Model 01s across three lines – China, China and USA. The final cost of the retro mobile technology will be $80,000. Test drives of regular cars of the past, like the latest ones, are very expensive. Note that the Model 01 will be available until May 2024.

Source: Tech Cult

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