We constantly study the Chinese marketplace and look for the most interesting and useful things that can be useful at home, in the office and in everyday life.

As you hold a new selection of different products, some surprise you by the fact that they exist.

1. Electric neck massager.


Wireless massager with adjustable massage delivery. Compact, you can take it with you, the battery lasts for 2 hours of continuous operation. The set includes 6 nozzles.

▶︎ Buy: 4,719 RUB 3,303

2. Xiaomi DDPai Z40 DVR


DVR + rear view camera. Equipped with an ultra-sensitive Sony IMX 335 sensor. Maximum video recording resolution is 2592 × 1944 pixels. There is a photo mode. An excellent gadget for the modern motorist.

▶︎ Buy: 7,547.32 RUB 3,599

3. Mini car vacuum cleaner Baseus A3


Compact and electric vacuum cleaner. Case diameter – 56.5 mm. Powered by a built-in 2000 mAh battery. Due to technology that predicts the absence of a brush, the suction force is high and reaches 15,000 Pa.

▶︎ Buy: 8,978 RUB 5,103

4. USB battery tester


USB tester. This is an indispensable factor for anyone who works with batteries or USB-powered devices. Equipped with such a headphone and a Bluetooth module for remote transmission of results.

▶︎ Buy: 7 307 RUB 3,516

5. LED table lamp Pina pro.


Wireless desk lamp with a color temperature of 3000-6500K, which meets the daylight standard. Aluminum alloy body, scratch-resistant and durable. Great for soft lighting in work spaces.

▶︎ Buy: 3,064 888 rub.

6. Multifunctional oral irrigator.


An irreplaceable thing in the bathroom. The set includes 7 attachments – 3 classic, 1 for tongue cleaning, 1 for cleaning gums, 1 orthodontic and 1 for searching for plaque. It works silently.

▶︎ Buy: 6,509 RUR 3,645

7. Multifunctional men’s hair trimmer.


Excellent 3 in 1 multifunctional trimmer. Waterproof, easy to maintain and clean. Charges within 5 hours. works continuously for 60 minutes.

▶︎ Buy: 1,905 RUB 1,239

8. Wireless Bluetooth glasses.


A very interesting thing. Glasses with Bluetooth V5.0 module connection, speakers with frequency range: 2400–2480 GHz, driver sensitivity: 80 dB. They produce good sound and convey voice well.

▶︎ Buy: 11,035.80 RUB 5,076.46

9. 15.6″ UPERFECT LCD Monitor


Portable monitor with good characteristics. Resolution 1080p, HDR present. Built-in speakers are provided for sound output. The monitor is great for connecting legacy consoles or displaying images from an existing phone.

▶︎ Buy: 13 141 RUB 8,541.65

10. Smart curtains, 400 LEDs.


Great item for decoration. It works using the RGBIC system, thanks to which you can not only turn on the backlight, but also different patterns. Managed using its own application.

▶︎ Buy: 8,582 RUB 3,496

11. Baseus USB C Docking Station


Multifunctional docking station for image output. Connectivity primarily for use with Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck.

▶︎ Buy: 5,041 RUB 3,529

12. Universal warm heated mat.


A multifunctional product designed for heating the legs, spine and other parts of the body, and drying shoes. Made from carpet with a heating element inside. The operating temperature on the surface does not reach 40°C.

▶︎ Buy: 5,041 RUB 3,529

13. Electronic indoor-outdoor thermometer.


Displays indoor and outdoor temperatures, as well as indoor humidity. The battery is pre-installed. Also included is a special mount for an external sensor at a distance of 5 cm from the frame.

▶︎ Buy: 1098 999 rub.

14. GameSir X2 Pro game controller


One of the best gamepads for a smartphone. Triggers and sticks made with a Hall sensor therefore have maximum response and are protected from drift. Available in 2 colors and suitable for any smartphone with Type-C connector.

▶︎ Buy: 15 140 RUR 6,663

15. Spot welding machine with digital display.


Mini spot welder for nickel welding. It has a large output power and is suitable for fast welding of nickel-plated steel plates with a thickness of 0.1-0.25 mm.

▶︎ Buy: 7,072 RUB 2,408

Source: Iphones RU

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