This is information from mobile browsers that “Uncle Sam’s agents” illegally collect from smartphones, as noted in The Register. Such information about American users reaches the intelligence of data brokers. And these intermediaries pull information from the internet and native apps on people’s devices, and the data is first passed to app developers and their marketing partners.

In a letter to Haynes, Senator Wyden pointed out that not only do various US intelligence agencies purchase user location data, which often requires a court order, but the NSA also regularly purchases Americans’ internal Internet metadata, including their online habits and digital footprint. drew attention. . And it turned out that all this happened without an order.

According to Wyden, the NSA is covered by Section 702 of the U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. The NSA has been listening to conversations between American citizens and foreigners for many years, especially monitoring Americans.

Source: Ferra

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