erythema migrans. If you notice a rapidly spreading rash after a tick bite, this may indicate Lyme disease. Other symptoms of this disease include temperature fluctuations, muscle and joint pain, and headache. Monitor your condition for several weeks after a tick bite.

purpura. This is a rash consisting of small purple or red dots. The reason for its appearance is the accumulation of blood in the deeper layer of the skin. This rash indicates a problem with the walls of the blood vessels that supply the skin or the blood within them. In the worst cases, purpura indicates septicemia, a life-threatening infection.

spider nevus. It indicates a problem with the skin arterioles (small arteries that supply blood to the skin). Most often, this spider-like pattern on the skin is benign and not associated with any disease. But if you have more than three such patterns on your skin, this may indicate high levels of the hormone estrogen. This usually occurs due to liver disease or hormonal changes during pregnancy.

acanthosis nigricans. People with dark skin often face this problem. This disease is often associated with metabolic disorders such as type 2 diabetes and polycystic ovary syndrome. In rare cases, acanthosis nigricans indicates stomach cancer.

butterfly-shaped rash. This purplish-red rash, resembling butterfly wings, seen on the cheeks and bridge of the nose, indicates deterioration in the functioning of the heart.

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