The company has updated the corporate identity of its business line to work with premium clients. Now the name uses the Latin alphabet and the word “premium” is replaced only by the shorter one.

Alfa Bank renamed its premium service Alfa Premium

Now the direction has its own symbol: a pearl. As they say in the company, this element personifies the uniqueness of each client.

For the updated look, the company chose “clean and bright” colors, abandoning the dark range common in premium products.

“Our priority continues to be helping to increase the wealth of our clients. In addition, a separate main area will be the printing service. Travel, shopping, entertainment, restaurant experience – all this will be brighter and more interesting with Alfa Only,” said Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors and Head of the Company’s Retail Business Ivan Pyatkov.

In the near future, customers will have the opportunity to order ceramic and metal cards and payment stickers in a new style.

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Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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