IN Inside Out 2, There is something for everyone here. From subtle nods to the Toy Story universe to even the silhouette of Mickey in the hilarious end credits. The film pays homage to Disney, other popular films, and pop culture several times through images, wordplay, and recreations of famous scenes. A practice that has become a habit throughout Pixar’s work.

But few are as symbolic—and even disturbing—as the wink that Inside Out 2 dedicated to iconic advertising. Much more, while being direct and not hiding the source material from which it is taken. We’re talking about an episode that pays homage to a 1984 Apple commercial.. A commercial that has gone down in mainstream media history was used as a source to tell the story of one of the world’s most sinister moments. Inside Out 2 (Inside Out 2).

The short skit, which is surprisingly radically faithful to the advertising it pays homage to, features the new emotion Anxiety and its planning army. As the panic factory operates at maximum capacity, the film portrays an image that becomes increasingly sinister. In it, Ansiedad’s giant face can be seen looking down on the dejected and frightened workers trying to carry out his orders. Eventually, the object destroys the screen and disrupts the dynamics. The wink is almost identical to the most famous part of the commercial, which in the 1980s Directed by one of the most famous directors alive today: Ridley Scott.

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A more mature wink than it seems

Although the image Inside Out 2 It may be funny—and it certainly is—but it also leads to one of the most famous pop culture moments of the last century. This is the moment when then-young director Ridley Scott ran an ad for Apple to introduce the first macs, in a symbolic event. All based on a terrifying dystopian novel. 1984 George Orwell and turn it into a way to analyze the impact of computing on the modern world.

Jobs himself publicly said that IBM, his company’s closest competitor at the time, “wanted it all.” This meant computer media control and its consequences. He also mentioned Orwell’s book and wondered aloud whether the author was right in what he said in it. Namely, a way in which an energy organization – civil or governmental – could gain access to the computer industry.

Advertisement mentioned in Inside Out 2 reached the public on December 31, 1983, although it was only broadcast once per year KMVT from Twin Falls, Idaho, will be eligible for advertising awards Clio. However, the real impact of the ad will come when it airs a second time, this time nationally. January 22, 1984 During halftime of the third period of CBS’ Super Bowl XVIII broadcast, a 1984 commercial made history.

YouTube video

Symbolic advertising in the film “Del Revés 2 (Inside Out 2)”.

Airing just two days before the Macintosh was released, the commercial was not only a way to demonstrate the power of a product that would go down in history. It was also about strengthening the strength of the brand. In fact, Apple is considered to have reinvented its corporate identity thanks to 1984 And, especially its continuing significance hereafter.

Remembering some scenes from the film Metropolis (1927) by Fritz Lang, the production used the image of the British athlete Anya Major as an emblem of the Apple rebellion. And this is in the middle of a series of dystopian scenes showing a gray and alienated future. Especially the employees with gray skin, pointed heads and wearing colorless uniforms. Everyone works painfully and dejectedly, and the voice of Big Brother is heard.what in case Inside Out 2 represents anxiety.

It is then that the figure embodied by Anya Major appears. She is wearing red shoes and sweatpants, a T-shirt with a computer image on it, and holding a hammer.

In the middle of a slow motion scene, he drops the object he is holding. Subsequently, the screen explodes as a symbol of freedom, which continues to amaze. the one to whom Inside Out 2does justice to the accurate reference.

Source: Hiper Textual

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