Goodbye Bard, Hello Gemini: The most notable change is the transition from “Bard” to “Gemini”. The move could make it easier to integrate Google’s new multi-modal AI model, also called Gemini, introduced late last year. Bard currently uses the Bard and LaMDA language models, while Gemini is a more advanced AI architecture.

The Gemini Advanced paid subscription is expected to launch on February 7 and will give users access to the powerful Gemini Ultra 1.0 model. This improved version promises to improve abilities in complex tasks such as programming, logical reasoning, subtle instructions and creativity. The free tier, which has more basic functionality, will likely remain available to everyone.

Originally optimized for the English language, Gemini Advanced will be available in more than 150 countries, significantly expanding the reach of Google’s AI. Additionally, a dedicated Gemini app for Android is reportedly coming soon and will offer a more direct and convenient way to interact with the AI.

Source: Ferra

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