Apple itself calls the Vision Pro the world’s first spatial computer. It is also the most anticipated, most expensive and most interesting device of this year. Currently, in Russia, they want it for 1 million rubles.

The kit includes the glasses themselves, different straps, a mount for the glasses, a charging cable, a power supply (30 W, but you can use a 55-watt one), a battery (its capacity is about 99,000 mAh), but you can use it for the glasses on your own will have to buy a cover. Moreover, you cannot use this headset without an iPhone, iPad and Apple ID.

When using Vision Pro, very cold air enters your eyes. So the headset has fans. The quality of the picture is simply incredible.

You can also create your own avatar in VR Apple Vision Pro and control everything in virtual reality using eye movements. It looks as if the helmet is reading thoughts. You can watch videos on YouTube, various movies, etc. using these glasses. you can watch. But for some reason you can’t connect directly to the MacBook – only via cable.

First of all, VR Apple Vision Pro is not a replacement for MacBook, iPad or iPhone, it is something else. This headset can be called an alternative for a monitor, home theater or large TV.

Source: Ferra

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