OnePlus’ policy is 4 years of updates and 1 year of security patches. And OnePlus won’t go after big manufacturers like Google and Samsung.

According to the company’s president, not only software updates are important, but also user experience, which is the “bread” of interaction. Because the convenience and ease of use of the device should be in the smallest details, and after the same 4 years it is unlikely that the smartphone will work “like new”. In this regard, OnePlus does not see any point in seven years of updates: it will not be possible to provide the same experience with a new device even with regular updates.

Separately, OnePlus President stated that the vendor is testing the OnePlus 12 and 12R with TÜV SUD experts. Simulation of the operation of smartphones during tests was carried out for 7 years. The results showed a better experience of “fast and smooth” device operation and convenient interaction over a 4-year period.

Source: Ferra

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