VR porn is a technology that allows the camera to rotate using head movements while displaying sexual content for entertainment and realism. But when you try to enable VR porn, the Safari browser displays errors in the form of errors: wrong aspect ratio, vertical black bars.

As Kotaku points out, the problem most likely lies with the WebXR module, which porn sources need to have in order to play online content. And the owners of such sites did not optimize their resources for the font.

Because of this, Vision Pro users began to leave angry comments, with some arguing that it was better to buy the Quest 3 with VR porn technology.

“Life hack to play VR files on Apple Vision Pro. You reset the settings to factory state, package the device, and sell it on eBay. Then you buy the Quest 3 headset and still have $3,000 left,” one user left a negative comment on Reddit.

Source: Ferra

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