Last year was full of heat waves and sudden changes that made weather forecasts questionable: here’s a quick summary of what it’s like to live in Brazil in terms of thermal comfort/discomfort. For this reason, A properly conditioned environment becomes a necessity and if this is possible with more technology and savings, even better.

HE air conditioning A lot Split Lite Clever from R-32 daikin get A lot -most nameBecause device This ingenious inside connect until fly vaporizers inside Only One thickener, offer air conditioning inside More environmentS, need inside A little space to unit external, providing operation with Low level inside R.noisy This with less spentS.

Check out all the details of this equipment below!

Three media, one condenser

HE Multi Split Lite Smart R-32 It offers comfort with pleasant temperatures It’s an excellent choice for use in more environments and with less worry about electrical installations. small offices This circles.

Model high wallThis system, which requires a minimum distance of 3 centimeters from the ceiling, facilitates installation in low-ceiling environments. Already inverter technology The equipment reduces or increases the compressor rotation speed, keeping the temperature cool and saving energy In this process.

But one of the main differences of this air conditioner model daikin oo can work up to three indoor units, with just a 10 amp circuit breaker in the cold air version of the device

A single outdoor unit can be connected to three indoor units to refresh three different environments.  (Daikin/Description)

The capacitor is compact and robust, taking up less external space. The heat exchanger of the outdoor unit is made of copper pipes and aluminum fins coated with a special anti-corrosion treatment.

The surface of the fins is covered with a thin layer of acrylic resin and also has a second layer of hydrophilic coating that provides greater resistance to corrosion; This maintenance brings less worry in the long run. In fact, the entire model 2 years warrantyMeanwhile The compressor has a 5-year warranty.

Protection of the outdoor unit of the device guarantees resistance to adverse weather conditions.  (Daikin/Description)

Clean air with less environmental impact

With a smart application of technology, R-32 refrigerant is a brand innovation inherent in the product; low environmental impact This economy for the user. In addition to not containing chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in its composition, it has a third less impact on greenhouse gas emissions than R-410A, the most used fluid today.

In 2012, daikin happened The first in the world to use R-32 refrigerant in the air conditioner and with it a Up to 70% energy saving compared to traditional. This is because, R-32 has greater heat carrying capacityIt requires less effort from the device and, as a result, consumes less electricity.

Technology for daily life

If you are one of those who hate the brightness of electronic devices before going to bed, the Multi Split Lite R-32 has an LED off function. Turn off the evaporator light and leave the room dark. And according to Daikin, The device makes little noise, Later unit internal he came Only 19db(a) and external, 44db(A), to beabove this form, one air conditioners inside weather More silent from the market.

Another technology worth mentioning is Daikin Multi Split Lite R-32 he has triple filterget angryIt offers better air quality, which is great for those with respiratory issues. The first of these is the screen filter. mildew proof and can hold dust; The silver ion filter contains silver ions destroy bacteria; finally titanium filter or apatite, absorbs odors and allergens.

These features are useful both for small offices or practices where people move around more, and for homes with children and pets.

Control wherever you are

device daikin he has connection with virtual assistants It’s like its own app, as well as Alexa and Google Home. APPLICATION Smart Daikin Air Conditioner It works like a remote control, allowing you to leave the house at your desired temperature before you even get there! To do this, simply install the optional Wi-Fi kit. If you prefer traditional use, a backlit remote control is also available.

Using the app, you can regulate the temperature in your home wherever you are.  (Daikin/Description)

Daikin is a Japanese company that is a world leader in air conditioning systems for residential, commercial and industrial use and operates in Brazil with its product range. 10 years.

Did you like this device? Come and learn more on the brand’s website and simulate to find out how many BTUs appliances need to properly cool your home.

Source: Tec Mundo

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