Kinoposik now has a format adapted for blind users. The service added subtitles to the most popular movies and television series, according to the company’s press service.

Kinopoisk now has a format for the visually impaired

Now visually impaired people can use all the main settings of the service, from playing a video and studying information about a movie to choosing between selections on the home page.

So, on the site you can now increase the font, the service has also hidden decorative graphic elements. Additionally, the platform decrypted the job description into text. Thanks to support for VoiceOver and TalkBack, they are read from the screen.

A key aspect of adapting the service for people with visual impairments was the incorporation of audio commentary. They are available when watching the most popular movies, as well as in Kinopoisk projects.

Audio commentaries have been added to over 60 feature films and television series on the site.

These are the most famous Mosfilm films, children’s cartoons, the most popular films on the platform and the company’s projects such as Cicadas, Cybervillage and others.

While the new format is available in the web version and in the Android application, support will appear on iOS in the future.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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