Android 14 is still in the process of being released for mobile devices, but Google is already thinking about the next generation. Android 15, the future version of the company’s operating system, first suggested It’s a very subtle joke.

According to website 9to5Googlejoke is in the update Android 14 QPR3 Beta, the current test version of the platform for developers. The Mountain View giant included a small change to the system’s Easter egg; this was an example that the company had “hidden” in the phone’s settings.

In this new version, the Android 14 logo, a symbol imitating the space agency, has been reversed. Upsidedown, It looks like the letter “V”.

Additionally, the simulated coordinates in the Easter egg have changed direction and now point in the following direction: “Vanilla ice cream” (vanilla ice cream, direct translation into Portuguese). In English, this is the internal codename of the next update.

What does this mean?

Although Android versions are now numbered, until a few years ago each update was named after a dessert, and this always happened in an alphabetical evolution: Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo, etc.

If this nomenclature still existed, Android 14 would be the letter “U”. Android 15 is “V”, the shape of the letter represented by the inverted symbol.

Google has not made an official comment about Android 15 so far. But speculation points to new features like a warning about the device’s battery health and a feature that forces apps to show in full-screen mode.

It should be published if it complies with the company’s publication schedule. but by the end of 2024. Android 14 started coming to mobile devices in October last year.

Source: Tec Mundo

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