The month before, Hong Kong was overwhelmed by crime. The attackers sent an email to an employee of an unnamed multinational company to participate in a video conference on the following issues. Also at this conference today, How the most popular images turned out to be clever deepfakes.

Fraudsters managed to recreate the appearance, voice and communication style of company executives. In today’s story, the probes were kissed and they were required to carry out their orders. The fact is that, in essence, it was he who was used to transfer dengue to the divided system of other banks. Also, most of the fraudsters decided to pay the price of $25.6 million, but even he didn’t suspect it.

The police noted that these were victims of the organization. Thus, after issuing these deepfakes, individual managers hastily disconnected in order to minimize contact with the employee and the risk of forcing a trick on them. At this stage, workers in the warehouse were closed, but workers in the warehouses were not. Instructions issued by electronics, transmitters and communication channels of devices were kissed and lost.

Important employees planned everything in such a way that at the right moment, on the work computer, they used games that were not related to deepfakes. They also did not understand the meaning of their work, which they did in deepfakes – because of this, employees did not know how to recognize the catch. Theft investigation is still ongoing continues.

Source: Tech Cult

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