many years ago, List of miracles It was a typical to-do list app until Microsoft bought it. Company founded by Bill Gates, acquired in 2015 6Wunderkinder, the startup behind the aforementioned task management software, costing around $100 or $200 million to improve To Do. And years later, in 2020, the above-mentioned platform was completely eliminated.

Now the creators Wunderlist is back with a new platform: Superlist, which retains the essence of the original task manager, but with many other additions. The new application is developed by the original team 6Wunderkinderincluding Christian Reber, a co-founder who already announced his intention to create Superlist several years ago.

This, we repeat, a task app similar to Wunderlist, as well as a notes and lists app with Users will be able to organize themselves intuitively thanks to a minimalistic and very well-designed interface. Specifically, the Superlist app has a home page divided into three sections.

The left side of the screen displays a menu that includes your inbox, a section with daily tasks, and a list of previously created lists. Users will be able to see what’s inside each of these sections from the main window, and on the right, the new app from the creators of Wunderlist will show relevant content, such as notes or additional information about the list or pending task.

Superlist, the new Wunderlist, also has artificial intelligence features.

The new app from the creators of Wunderlist also lets you integrate with some of the most popular work and productivity-focused services. Users can connect their account Weak to sync tasks or your account Gmail to keep email organized. In Superlist, you can even highlight an email to turn it into a task.

Edge also emphasizes that Superlist has some artificial intelligence based features. These include one that allows you to convert messages into tasks, or another that highlights tasks that may be more relevant.

Superlist now available on iOS, Android and macOS, and although it is not available for Windows, the web version can be used on any device. The platform, like Wunderlist, has a free plan with limited features and a Pro plan that costs €8 per month. This gives you access to artificial intelligence features, as well as the ability to attract more collaborators to create joint lists or organize collaborations.

Source: Hiper Textual

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