Apple Vision Pro created a huge sensation on social networks and around the world. Mixed reality glasses promise buyers to connect to other brand devices and reflect them in any scenario while performing other types of tasks.

Although these are not the first mixed or augmented reality glasses, they have had a hugely anticipated global campaign and They caused a sensation due to their sales in the United States.

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Among the videos that went viral on the Internet, some people decided to test these glasses by using them in swimming pools, gyms, on the street and in not-so-normal conditions.

The first generation of Apple Vision Pro, tech experts say the device is fragile and They assure that this device cannot be repaired and contains very fragile parts in case of impact.

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The first teardown of the glasses was done by iFixit, a company that repairs Apple devices; It was concluded that this device was there. It has a complex assembly that includes cameras, sensors, fans, motors and much more.

But one of the device’s shortcomings was its weight, because long-term use can cause fatigue and joint pain.

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Secondly, the YouTube channel JerryRigEverything applied the same process when testing the Apple Vision Pro. Taking a pointed tool and scratching the visor of your glasses.

Youtuber says that the replacement viewfinder for the glasses costs 300 dollars, or 1,740,000 Colombian pesos; After that, it remains to remove the part of the lenses, which is a solid part and does not allow the parts to be removed from the inside.

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Due to the above, this guy decides to proceed externally and remove the entire viewfinder from the Apple Vision Pro; But once it reaches the hardware it is practically inaccessible and achieving this would involve breaking the Vision Pro beyond repair.

Although the tracker is replaceable, the number of parts of these mixed reality glasses makes it almost impossible to replace objects such as batteries, speakers, cameras, among others.

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