With a highly affordable device, you can boost your car without CarPlay for a technologically superior experience.

Have CarPlay or Android Auto in an old car It usually requires an installation that not everyone can do, which increases the price as having to hire someone to replace the multimedia system in our car. However, few people know that there are devices that can add CarPlay to any vehicle. without spending a lot of money.

These devices that you can install in your car yourself add 7 inch touch screen to your car You can connect your smartphone via CarPlay or Android Auto. With Compatible with any car on the market because you will only need one cigarette lighter socket to charge them.

CarPlay old car

With this device, which is very easy to install, you can have CarPlay in every car.

CarPlay in any car and without installation

We have two very similar devices on Amazon. any car has CarPlay and we can install it ourselves in just a few minutes. These two accessories are really easy to assemble and use, like the little accessory that turns any car with a display into a car with wireless CarPlay.

It is a small device. large 7 inch touch screen what can you do install it on your car dashboard and connect your iPhone via CarPlay or your Android via Android Auto, as you would in a modern car with this kind of technology. And best of all, they have a very affordable price for all the improvements they offer us.

both devices they are very similar and contain similar functionsIt can be said that they are siblings because they share most of their characteristics. Basically, they offer a large screen that we can connect to car speakers and our smartphone via CarPlay or Android Auto. Best of all, you will hardly need any installation to mount them in your car.

  • we have something great 7 inch touch screen.
  • Both devices are plug connection from the car lighter.
  • compatible with Wireless CarPlay and Android Autowith all its functions.
  • Audio can be output via output. car AUX connection, an FM transmitter You can set your car radio or its own speaker.
  • confesses mirror modeTo be able to duplicate the screen of our iPhone or Android and send videos.
  • Simple installation with panel mounting a suction cup on the car or on the glass.
  • Chip Bluetooth 5.0 To connect any device
  • integrated microphone to be able to answer calls and use Siri or Google Assistant.

As you see, For very little money, you can modernize your old car, which is certainly still very useful but technologically outdated.. You will make a radical change in the experience of your vehicle with a device that can be installed in just a few minutes and costs only 200 Euros. You will also gain security as you can answer calls, answer WhatsApp or follow the instructions in a much more convenient and simple way.

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