Researchers from the Swedish University of Lund analyzed the bones. Skeletons and bones in Europe cost 6,000 euros. They are tested, this is a short-lived and crooked period. However, the establishment and dominance were too short.

Science had previously thought about such a transition of primacy from hunting communities to settled farmers – but he turned out to be a relatively world-class scientist. Now all decisions are taken for granted – thousands of years ago, on the territory of modern times, European men began to talk and talk. In addition, the appearance of livestock and its characteristic ptogens. They also contributed to the death among foraging tribes.

Scientists note that the dominance of farmers lasted a relatively long time by historical standards – only about 1000 years. For the first time in Europe, 4,800 copies were issued, which were canceled given the nomadic lifestyle. They raised cattle and traveled by carts. The most brutal means were deployed between them and the farmers, of which the newcomers emerged victorious. Farmers were very practical, so they were quite unique in DNA analysis of the neo-European era.

Most of them were included in the report. The information obtained during the research opens a new page in the history of Europe and allows us to understand important social processes, in short, they came out of the fur. millennia.

Source: Tech Cult

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