Logitech announced that the Wave Keys keyboard is coming to Brazil. Its design has a wavy shape that aims to provide users with greater comfort, as it facilitates the positioning of hands, wrists and forearms, especially during hours of use.

Wave Keys too The coating made of viscoelastic foam has a resting place for your hands. It also has an American-layout keyboard and dual connectivity: wireless via the Logi Bolt USB receiver or Bluetooth. This means that the keyboard can also be used on other devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Logitech Wave Keys are currently available in white and graphite on Logitech’s own online store.

The keyboard brings a nostalgic touch

For older users, Wave Keys also brings a taste of nostalgia. This is because, In the 90s, wavy keyboard models were very common among users.

The most traditional was the Microsoft Natural Keyboard, which had a more “innovative” design for the time due to its hot keys and compatibility with Windows 95 and 98 systems.

But over time, the technology market began to adopt increasingly compact parts, from computer hardware components to external accessories. As a result, these keyboard models increasingly began to lose space to smaller and simpler ones, as well as wireless ones.

Microsoft Natural Keyboard was one of the most popular models of the 90s

Although Wave Keys does not have as comprehensive a design as the Natural Keyboard, it can still be an excellent option for nostalgic users looking for more comfort for hours of continuous use.

Source: Tec Mundo

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