Apple surpasses Samsung in smartphone sales in Europe for the first time in a long time

According to Canalys data, iPhone sales surpassed Samsung

Apple is the leader of the smartphone market in Europe

Apple dominates the smartphone market with an iron fist. Led by Tim Cook, the company accounts for 71% of global high-end phone sales, and this figure continues to increase day by day. The latest data circulating on the network shows that: Apple surpasses Samsung.

At the beginning of the year, we discovered that Apple and the iPhone were surpassing Samsung’s worldwide sales. 20% market share in 2023. And now, according to data compiled by Canalys, Apple is also the manufacturer that sells the most smartphones in Europe.

Despite a significant overall decline in sales figures in Europe, Apple grow 1% Total sales compared to the same period last year 12.4 million iPhone units In the last quarter of 2023.

Smartphone sales figures in Europe


iPhone sales figures were very positive for Apple

While Apple ranks first in the smartphone industry in the fourth quarter of 2023, Samsung ranks second with a 12% drop in sales of up to 10.8 million units number of phones sold. It’s been two years since Apple overtook Samsung in Europe.

Canalys found that figures in Europe were significantly lower than in previous years. There was a 3% decline in smartphone sales in Europe and a total 37.8 million units As we mentioned before, 12.4 million iPhones were sold by Apple in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Strong demand for the iPhone 15 in Spain and other European countries (excluding figures in Russia) has significantly increased mobile phone sales figures on the continent.

Runar BjørhovdeAn analyst from Canalys argued that despite sales falling by 3% in Europe, sales of high-end phones have been a huge success with consumers:

High-end smartphones reached a record market share in Europe in the fourth quarter of 2023. Almost 40% of smartphone sales were priced at $800 or more.

During Apple’s fourth quarter financial results, the company’s revenue was announced $43.8 billion iPhone is in the sales category.

Apple redefined marketing strategies in EuropeIt has partnered with the banking institution Santander in Spain for very interesting iPhone 15 promotions. Latest generation phones also have campaigns on Orange and other operating companies. Thanks to these marketing campaigns, Apple managed to surpass Samsung once again.

Source: i Padizate

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