resident computer users Russia i can’t download Windows 10 this Windows 11The installation of versions of the Microsoft operating system is momentarily blocked. The news agency announced that file transfers were suspended TASSSunday (19).

According to the publication, initial reports Errors when trying to download Windows ISOs appeared over the weekend and quickly rose to prominence on local social networks. The blockade has been confirmed by several international organisations.

HE BleeComputer is one of the sites that tries to download the installation tools for the two versions of the software from a VPN server located on the territory of Russia. But the tests ended with the error message “404 – File or directory not found”.

In some trials, the experts on the page even managed to download the file. Windows 11 media creation tool, but another error message was displayed while executing, preventing the procedure from being performed. The notification stated, “For an unknown reason, this tool could not run on your computer.”

Sanctions against Russia?

Microsoft did not comment on the matter. Windows 10 and 11 download blocking in Russia, up to the present. So it was not possible to know whether the suspension was due to a bug in the local servers, the Redmond giant deliberately blocking the transfers, or a decision by the Vladimir Putin government.

One of the emerging hypotheses is that a possible Microsoft sanctions Kremlinbecause of war in ukraine. Recently, big tech suspended the sale of its products there, blocked Russian developers’ accounts on GitHub, and announced the layoff of 400 employees in the country.

Using VPN looking for servers outside of Russia has been an alternative to bypassing the block.

Source: Tec Mundo

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