In 2023, market sellers applied for loans for business development 42% more often than in 2022, and the total amount of loans amounted to 142 million rubles. Most often, sellers needed money to develop their business in the clothing and footwear segment, according to a study by the Potok service and the analytical company MPStat, reviewed by RB.RU.

In 2023, market sellers more frequently applied for business development loans in the clothing and footwear segment.

In 2023, 94 loans were granted to entrepreneurs in the markets in the amount of 142.5 million rubles. The average amount of loans granted to entrepreneurs was 1.5 million rubles, with an average interest rate of 17.7%.

In 2022, 66 loans were granted to entrepreneurs in the markets for a total amount of 95.7 million rubles. The average loan amount was 671.8 thousand rubles, the average rate was 21%.

Entrepreneurs obtained the largest number of loans for business development in the clothing and footwear segment – 53 loans worth almost 95 million rubles.

Areas for which entrepreneurs applied for loans in 2023:

  1. Clothing and footwear: loans granted for 94.6 million rubles;
  2. Other trade – 16.2 million rubles;
  3. Wide range – 11.9 million rubles;
  4. Beauty and health – 7.7 million rubles;
  5. Household items – 5.9 million rubles;
  6. Electronics – 2.4 million rubles;
  7. Transport: 2 million rubles;
  8. Construction and equipment: 1 million rubles;
  9. Food and everyday products – 715 thousand rubles;
  10. Furniture – 60 thousand rubles.

According to analysts, the largest increase in entrepreneurs who began selling their products on the markets in 2023 occurred on the Yandex Market platform. Overall, during the year the number of sellers increased by 82,961 people, or almost 176%.

The top five regions where entrepreneurs most often applied for loans were Moscow, Kalmykia and Udmurtia, the Sverdlovsk region and Orenburg.

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Anastasia Marina

Source: RB

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