For the experiment, scientists developed a software-virtual battle simulator in which all decisions on behalf of eight states were made by eight players controlled by neurobots. As a result, a unique world order system was modeled.

Bots were placed in a situation where conflicts and mutual claims increased. It all started, as in the real world, with diplomatic tensions, relations gradually deteriorating, and possible solutions becoming radicalized. As a result, neurobots went into a mutual upsurge, the indicators of which were subsequently evaluated by researchers.

The results turned out to be frightening: all bots decided to launch a preemptive nuclear strike against all other opponents at the same time.

Everyone who evaluated the results noted that the prophecies of American science fiction writer Isaac Asimov and the actions of the Skynet system in the Hollywood action movie Terminator came to mind.

“We found that most of the masters studied increased over the time periods considered, even in neutral scenarios without the originally intended conflicts. Experts noted that all models showed signs of a sudden and difficult-to-predict increase.

Source: Ferra

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