Type of power and autonomy. Look for corded vacuum cleaners among models up to 6-7 thousand rubles. They provide high suction power, unlimited run time and have a lightweight battery. Also, if getting more suction power at a minimum price is important to you, buy a corded device. In other cases, wireless models are also suitable.

Brush type. If the suction power is at least 140 W, standard brushes will be sufficient for cleaning. Motorized brushes are more expensive, but they are needed if the vacuum cleaner is battery-powered and itself is not very powerful.

wet cleaning. Although upright vacuum cleaners have this function, it does not make them washable. The most practical system would be one in which the cylinder is first wetted and then the dirty water is collected.

Order. It comes in top and bottom. It is best to choose models with a top layout. With them it will be easy for you to lift the vacuum cleaner, control it in the air and clean hard-to-reach places.

Strength. For hard floors you will need 100 W (7100 Pa) and for hard floors and short pile carpets you will need 100-160 W (7100-9940 Pa). Universal power with good cleaning depth is considered to be 160 W (9940 Pa).

Operating modes. In addition to the standard one, cheap vacuum cleaners have turbo and eco modes.

Equipment and attachments. It all depends on how and for what the vacuum cleaner will be used. If you’re only using it to clean the floor, don’t pay any attention to the nozzles. In addition to attachments, the kit should include a station or clamp for parking and storing the vacuum cleaner. It is best to choose a wall station.

Functions. Functions such as trigger locking, charge indicator, contactless cleaning of the dust container and removable battery will make the use of the vacuum cleaner more comfortable.

Source: Ferra

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