Saudi Arabia, in turn, is mired in financial problems. Implementation of the Neom project, namely the Elanan oasis. Large-scale plans turned out to be too expensive to implement, and the benefits from them were significantly overestimated. Previous dynasties predominate among new sources of investment or reductions in planned construction.

Elanan Resort

Partly, the problem lies in the very essence of the project, the latter of which intended to turn a lifeless desert into a resort. This is done, but the sub-objects are separate and reserved in one region, exclusivity is limited. Moreover: this article primarily does not include the analogues of the project “Elanan”, “Xainor”, ​​“Siranna” and “Zardun”. Among the most common areas are pools and parking lots, people, luxurious architecture and exclusivity.

Elanan Resort

The Elanan project is one of the largest industrial sites. Small, with about 80 guest buildings, this resort is artfully integrated into the surrounding desert landscape and is based on the site of an existing modest mountain oasis. Predpolstvo into pristine nature – bo In fact, dark hair was used by others and their sleep. Only this modest light noise can be used as a platform for stargazing. Only time to implement the project question.

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