The first series of Kawasaki motorcycles included the 500 cc and 750 cc versions of the Mach IV N1 and N2 (produced from 1971 to 1975, they became known as the “Widowmaker”), due to their power of 74 hp. ., which, as it turned out, not all lovers of triple riding could own.

Half a century later, the legendary “widowmaker” is still the same – sedate, conservative, with bench seats, a long headlight and a combination of exhaust pipes. The Mach IV name was changed to include low-priced cars from major auctions that are highly valued in their collections.

Kawasaki Max IVKawasaki Max IV

Finally, the Mach IV, however, is not essential in its characteristics and is not the privilege of the most popular collection. However, the last few years have passed until 2023, until now. The last thing I saw was the start of your N2, which is associated with an anonymous name trader from Japan.

Experts are still puzzling over the reasons for such a sudden interest in the half-forgotten rarity. Unknown, this is the same as manipulation in the ring. In fact, the most important thing is that the most popular one is used in this crazy collection. And finally, the “Japanese trace”. In this regard, this is the most popular street, for example, and th street, wants to preserve its historical motorcycle racing population – H2.

Source: Tech Cult

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