Yandex Market has started marking products whose authenticity has been verified with an “original” icon, the market said in a statement.

Yandex Market started marking authenticated products with an “original” icon

First of all, it can be found in clothing, shoes and accessories from those brands whose originality customers most frequently ask for.

Therefore, the site’s quality control service will additionally check the documents of sellers selling popular Nike sneakers or Levi’s jeans. Currently, verification and marking are in trial mode; In the future, the service may extend them to other brands and product categories.

To receive a mark of originality for a product, sellers must provide documents confirming its authenticity. This may be a certificate from an official representative or authorized seller, or a supply contract. Document verification will take one day.

Buyers will also be able to set a filter in the Marketplace search for only original products.

If users complain about an item marked “original”, the market will transfer the documents of this item to the control service for extraordinary re-verification.

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