On one of the country’s sites there are a lot of useful goods that are not so often found in everyday life of the average Russian.

This set includes a device for quickly preparing any dish of your choice, an advanced screwdriver, a laser rangefinder and more.

What did you choose for yourself?

1. High-quality Viomi thermal jug 1.5 liters

To ensure maximum heat retention, this thermal jug has a multi-layer design. At the same time, there remains space between the layers with air.

According to the manufacturer, the device retains heat for 24 hours. In fact, you should assume that the drinks will still be hot until closer to 5-6 hours.

▶︎ Buy: 4,000 RUB 2,490

2. Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer


An air fryer makes it possible to cook fried food without frying or using oil, which makes it much healthier. For this purpose, high temperature and air convection are used.

In addition to being wired, the device is equipped with remote control, so you can activate the start of work anywhere. It’s very convenient and modern, or something.

▶︎ Buy: 10,990 RUB 8,980

3. Screwdriver Electric screwdriver Xiaomi MiJia

Just a very high-quality screwdriver, which immediately attracted attention due to its external appearance. This is a minimalist “gun” that you want to use.

The device has an option with a 12-bit kit for all occasions, as well as a special extension cord that helps in hard-to-reach places.

▶︎ Buy: 4 550 RUB 3,490

4. Set of stylish black steel knives HUOHOU

Simply great knives that immediately attract attention. They are made of high-quality molybdenum-vanadium steel, have extremely sharp blades and a comfortable handle.

The set includes 4 knives, as well as a high-quality stand. The carving leg is good for vegetables and meats, the middle leg is ideal for thin slicing, the santoku leg is for fish, and the multifunctional leg simply cuts neatly and accurately.

▶︎ Buy: 5,000 4,000 rub.

5. Laser rangefinder DUKA LS-P Laser Range.

Great thing instead of roulette. The distance is measured quite accurately, with significant errors. In this case, there is no need to roll out a long “ruler”, which tends to bend.

Actually, all the necessary information is immediately shown on the screen. With this design, the gadget itself is very compact; it fits in any small pocket.

▶︎ Buy: 4,990 RUB 1,580

6. Effective Xiaomi Yunmai hand trainer

Another incredibly useful thing for computer geeks. It gives you the opportunity to strengthen your wrists and stretch them after prolonged work at the computer.

In addition, this thing looks very good, so it can also be a cool accessory for your desktop at home or in the office.

▶︎ Buy: 1 510 RUB 1,020

7. Electric shoe brush Pulin Sonic.


This is my first time seeing an electric shoe brush. It looks really good to have our sneakers washed from time to time. Actually, its head vibrates to quickly and efficiently remove dirt.

The brush is protected from moisture according to the IPX7 standard, so washing it yourself is very convenient. The gadget works autonomously; without connecting to the network, it can be used for up to 12–13 hours.

▶︎ Buy: 3 650 RUB 2,620

8. Huo Hou Advanced Corkscrew Mechanism

Another great modern kitchen gadget that is sure to wow your guests. And the bottle opens literally in seconds, so I would also like to call it effective.

The corkscrew has a round shape, so it fits very comfortably in the hand. Without recharging, it can open up to 70 bottles. Should be enough for a party of any size.

▶︎ Buy: 2,890 RUB 1,770

9. Xiaomi Motion-Activated Night Light 2

A small night light that instantly reacts to movement and immediately turns on the lighting. If no movement is detected or there is enough light around, the device turns off.

These things can be placed multiple times around the house so that they can be moved around rooms with full visibility. They are especially good for hallways, nurseries and bedrooms.

▶︎ Buy: 1,990 RUB 1,020

10. Smart ukulele Kickgoods Xiaomi Populele 2


Yes, yes, this is a real smart ukulele, and quite stylish and of high quality. The best thing for musicians or just those who are planning in the near future.

The main feature of the device is training programs. On the graph, LED indicators appear that show which threads to attach in accordance with the information in the mobile application.

▶︎ Buy: 13,900 RUB 10,290

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Source: Iphones RU

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