The rise of the topic of Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence) is nothing new. Between the agendas of innovation opportunities and their ethical and regulatory challenges, The current rise of artificial intelligence is taking over business agendas and investmentsIts technological growth is driven by the explosion of generative AI and the emergence of solutions such as ChatGPT.

In a recent Gartner research, we see that 10% of companies are using generative artificial intelligence effectively, while 45% are in the testing phase. Many of the leaders of these companies believe that the economic benefits of using this old but new technology outweigh any risks.

The IndustryArc report estimates that the Artificial Intelligence market in the travel industry will exceed US$1.2 billion by 2026. Aiming to provide an excellent service to travelers, artificial intelligence can be an extremely important player in personalizing experiences, speed and customer service. ambitious proposals.

Personalization of the experience

Imagine your journey going exactly the way you wanted it to. In the hosting industry, Artificial intelligence is used to personalize the guest experience from check-in to check-out. Using data to understand and implement the best personalized experience for that person.

It is used from researching the best ticket option in transportation to the journey itself. According to a Mckinsey report, product and service improvements that use artificial intelligence to adapt and personalize according to customer needs could contribute $3.7 trillion to the economy by 2030.

Virtual assistants and support throughout the journey

Artificial intelligence-supported virtual assistants, which have undergone significant developments in recent years, are becoming increasingly complex.

After all, they can understand and process natural language to answer travelers’ questions, make reservations, provide real-time information about flights and bus routes, and even give local tips. This improves user experience by offering 24/7 support and quick responses to your needs.

Translation and language assistance

AI-powered translation apps make it easier for travelers to communicate in foreign languages, reducing language and cultural barriers and making travel more accessible, enjoyable and even safe.

Whether written or vocally, solutions are becoming increasingly robust and assertive when it comes to understanding and translating a language completely unknown.

Ambitious proposals

Artificial intelligence is used to provide people with personalized and highly compelling product and service recommendations and offers based on their travel history, usage, searches and tastes. Although it is a significant and controversial topic of discussion, 95% of people interviewed in the Oracle survey said they were interested in using their data for personalized offers in the hotel industry.

The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) We’re transforming the traveler experience in unprecedented ways, stands out:

  • personalization of experiences;
  • advanced virtual assistance;
  • minimized language barriers;
  • extremely ambitious proposals.

This advancement not only increases customer satisfaction, but also provides valuable insight into consumer behavior and preferences, allowing for continuous improvement of products and services.

However, it is important that this evolution takes place with a strong emphasis on security and ethics, ensuring that the application of artificial intelligence in tourism is responsible and protects users’ privacy and data. AI promises a future where travel is more intuitive and personalized, but its responsible adoption is crucial to ensuring sustainable benefits for everyone involved.

Source: Tec Mundo

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