Elianis Garrido thanks to his time on ‘Heroes of Romance’ He has become one of the most well-known presenters today. She has also worked in other fields such as acting and business with her women’s, health and wellness products brand ‘Wrath’.

The Barranquilla girl was in the news when it was announced in January His resignation from the entertainment program ‘I Know Everything’, Where it shares a ‘set’ with Ariel Osorio and ‘Nanis’ Ochoa.


Elianis’ farewell had an important purpose. open your own dance academyshowed his details through his social networks.

Garrido was a guest on the YouTube programLaura Acuña’s roomIn his speech titled ‘, he told details about his personal life that many people do not know.

According to the 36-year-old woman, some time after joining the ‘Protagonistas denovela’, I had to face ovarian cancer.

Due to a very negative situation, I had surgery on one of my ovaries and then faced very aggressive treatment that also affected my other ovary.” said the woman on the shore. She added: “I was doing everything quietly so that my family wouldn’t be upset. It was a very painful and difficult process.“.

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Elianis Garrido He added that he had to do a treatment containing iodine to avoid chemotherapy: “I had a malignant lump, I never talked about it but it was in 2015, after the reality show. It was very difficult, I was 27 years old and I lost a lot of weight and the media, people treated me badly, saying that I was weak, that I was crazy, because of crazy diets (…) and I took iodine to avoid chemotherapy” he admitted.

The presenter stated that although several years have passed since this incident, the treatment left her with consequences such as not being able to get pregnant: “They operated on me at the time, but with iodine treatment, egg production in that ovary was reset, but God has the final say.“.

Garrido said she went through different treatments to help her get pregnant, but if that didn’t happen, she would take it on: “If God wants me to be a mother, this is how it will happen. If it is not in your plans, I accept it with love (…) maybe my mission in the world is different“.

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