Yandex ID has added authorization using biometric data. You can log in to Yandex services using your fingerprints or a facial photograph; No need to enter passwords or codes.

“Yandex ID” added authorization using biometric data

Yandex ID has expanded passwordless authorization capabilities, the Yandex press service reported.

Yandex ID now offers the ability to log in to Yandex services using fingerprints or a facial image. To implement the function, the WebAuthn web standard was implemented.

To enable the new feature, you need to log in to your personal Yandex ID account. There you can create an authorization key on the device. You can link up to ten keys to one account.

Yandex emphasized that they do not have access to information about users’ fingerprints or faces. This data is stored on the owner’s device.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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