The Australian government, RMIT, has created a unique modified code. In the last word, in the last word, in the shortest possible time they are verifiable, because the 3D printer is very useful.

Most of these structures are very old structures. This team included the famous lilies and corals. It is expected that the supply will be detailed according to the possible concentrations of materials in the materials. The presenter RCyan says that for the cellular structure of their topologies, only half of the compressive arms are naked.

titanium cube

The researchers had to strengthen the tubular lattice. For this reason, one of them closed the top of the box and added a thin X-shape grade. For this reason, it is the first day of the year, it was by the way or confirmed by tests. Of course, this redrawing is very difficult to do, only half of the details are unavailable. The material also has a low thermal temperature – 350°C. In a design made of heat-resistant titanium, this is the most common temperature 1 to 600°C.

However, they are analyzed without reference to technology. The structure of the project of all the same things and space gadgets is very important in advance. In addition, it could become a breakthrough for medicine – the material is excellent for bone implants. Professor Ma Qian is convinced that over time it will become available for mass use in various fields. areas.

Source: Tech Cult

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