China’s largest company Alibaba Group has become the lead investor in a funding round for artificial intelligence chatbot developer Moonshot AI, Bloomberg reports. According to agency sources, Microsoft and Tencent also provided financing for the startup.

Alibaba becomes lead investor in Chinese AI startup Moonshot AI – Bloomberg

During the round, the startup Moonshot AI, founded less than a year ago, managed to raise $1 billion and the company’s valuation was about $2.5 billion, making the project the largest investment round for Chinese startups. in the field of AI.

According to Bloomberg interlocutors, financing was also provided by existing investors: Long-Z, Hongshan (formerly Sequoia China) and Monolith Management.

Moonshot AI was founded in March of last year. Already in November, the company opened access to its Kimi chatbots (analogous to ChatGPT). The company then launched a special platform for creating AI applications based on its model.

At the beginning of last week it became known that the capitalization of the main beneficiary of artificial intelligence, Nvidia, exceeded the GDP of Russia and most other countries.

The shares of the manufacturer of computer accelerators necessary for the development of applications with artificial intelligence rose in price by $277 billion in one day, with which the company updated the world record for daily value growth.

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