Real allies in the daily lives of those who need practicality, laptops have become increasingly successful, with a variety of models for working, studying and even having fun with your favorite games.

With their portability and processing power, laptops offer a wide range of possibilities. For professionals, these are essential tools. allowing them to perform their tasks anywhereFrom report generation to virtual meetings, without compromising quality and efficiency.

For students, these devices provide: access study materials, research online and even attend virtual classesAll in a practical and useful way.

When it comes to entertainment, laptops are not left behind. With powerful graphics cards and immersive sound systems, delivering exciting gaming experiencesallowing players to immerse themselves in incredible virtual worlds with just a few clicks.

And if you’re looking for a new notebook, TecMundo We’re here to help! We have prepared a special selection with m, taking advantage of Mercado Livre campaigns.Entry-level models for gamers with discounts of up to 40%.

And the advantages don’t end there! In addition to discounts free marketYou may also enjoy free shipping and full deliveryThis means your purchases will arrive in less than 24 hours.

So take advantage and check out the 10 Samsung, Lenovo, Acer and Asus laptops on offer:

Prices starting from R$ 2,799.90 per R$ 1,659.00

Prices starting from R$ 6.665,00 per 3.999,00 TRY

Prices starting from R$ 8,060.00 per person BRL 4,799.90

Prices starting from R$ 2,699.00 per R$2,169.00

Prices starting from R$ 6.165,00 per R$ 3,799.00

Prices starting from R$ 3,799.90 per 2.799,00 TRY

Starting from R$ 3,649.00 per R$ 2,726.50

Prices starting from R$ 3,665.00 per person 2.199,00 TRY

Prices starting from R$ 3,299.00 per 2.799,90 TL

Starting from R$ 3,799.00 per 2.399,90 TL

Offers are for a limited time. Visit the Mercado Livre website and secure your new laptop with a special discount!

Source: Tec Mundo

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