Adobe introduced “Photoshop” for music editing. The tool is capable of generating a musical sequence based on a text description and allows you to edit the fragments created within the application.

Adobe introduced “Photoshop” for music editing

Adobe showed off a new tool: Project Music GenAI Control. This is a kind of Photoshop for music, writes The Verge.

The tool allows you to generate musical content based on a text description. At the first stage, the general musical style is established, then you can process the resulting track: edit the structure of the music, reduce or increase the tempo, mix several audio tracks.

Project Music GenAI Control is in the prototype stage and early stages of development. No full release date has been announced, the tool has limited access.

Other large technology corporations, including Google, have already developed similar tools, but their developments do not include the ability to edit music production.


Kirill Bilyk

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