Alexey Pivovarov* left the editorial telegram channel he founded due to the law passed by the State Duma prohibiting advertising by foreign agents. The channel will change its name and logo in the near future and a significant part of the editorial team will be fired, the journalist said.

Alexey Pivovarov* left the Telegram channel “Editorial” due to the law on advertising with foreign agents

The founder of the YouTube “Editorial” project, Alexey Pivovarov*, announced the transfer of legal and management rights to the project’s Telegram channel to its editors. This was reported by the journalist on his Telegram channel.

“In the very near future, “Brewers (Editorial)” will change its name and logo. I have no doubts about the professionalism of the boys and I hope you support them by continuing to read this channel,” the journalist wrote.

Pivovarov* also noted that he would have to “say goodbye” to a significant part of the project team due to the inability to pay their salaries.

The journalist clarified that he took these measures due to the law passed by the State Duma prohibiting advertising by foreign agents.

“Although “Redaktsia” is located in Russia, it works as an administrative officer and all our advertisers are also here, for us it is [закон, прим. ред.] This affects much more than many who work from abroad,” Pivovarov* stressed.

The State Duma on February 28 approved a law prohibiting the placement of advertisements by foreign agents.

* included by the Ministry of Justice in the registry of foreign agents.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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