The event, which promises to offer an experience in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, has been detained by police in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom. This event, which was promoted as “a journey full of wonderful creations”, turned into a complete fiasco and the issue went viral on social media.

Organized by the House of Illuminati group, the opportunity promised a complete experience in Willy Wonka’s fantasy factory where “dreams come true.”

But when visitors began to arrive, they were surprised by an almost empty warehouse, very few attractions and an abundance of gambiarra. “It was an almost abandoned and empty warehouse with almost nothing in it,” one visitor said. BBC Scotland News.

High expectations for the event attracted visitors from other cities, causing more headaches.

Even the actors attending the event didn’t know what to do. In interviews, contract workers said they had been rehearsing scripts for months but were told to drop everything and improvise.

It was a trap

Following the disappointment, many visitors are asking for a refund of the £35 charged for entry (about R$219.30 at current prices).

The House of Illuminati organizing group said on Facebook that the day had been “very stressful and frustrating for many people” and that they were sorry.

“Unfortunately we were thwarted in many aspects of our event at the last minute and we have tried our best to continue and move forward and now realize we will probably need to cancel first thing this morning,” a spokesman said.

@jenxdesign There is very little chocolate in the chocolate factory #willyschoculateexperience #glasgow ? Time to intend – fucc will do

“We planned an amazing event but it didn’t go as planned and we are very sorry,” he added.

The company promised that all tickets would be refunded.

Source: Tec Mundo

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