In 2021, many of the latest cases of Danionella cerebrum are known, such as Danionella cerebrum. Before using the highest resolution of 12mm, you can also use a 140dB bin. This reflexive person hears at a distance of 100 m.

Due to the external “voice” of the fish, sounds do not travel far. The bulkiness of the film is manifested in the separation of lines on the fabric. This is partly why the Creature didn’t notice earlier. They are used for the same reasons – presumably for acoustic musical nication. These fish live in murky waters and cannot rely on vision, which is why evolution has endowed them with such an unusual type of communication.

A detailed study of the fish revealed a bizarre sound apparatus, the likes of which science does not know. The special machine has very large dimensions, for example, it is called a “drum cartilage”. It is used in melting thrust and is associated with sound pulses. Most likely to be painted in one-story and two-story conditions in any mode so that the impulses overlap each other, increasing the volume of the sound.

Danionella cerebrumDanionella cerebrum

Source: Tech Cult

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