The worldwide release of the film “Dune: Part Two” took place.

The film was still at the pre-sale stage for $12 million. This is the best result in recent times, not counting “Barbie” with $22.3 million; it is also more than 2 times the performance of the first film.

Critics and early observers give the new product scores. Thus, on Rotten Tomatoes it has 94% “freshness” from critics and 95% beauty.

We also watched the long-awaited sequel from Denis Villeneuve and are eager to share our impressions. We are sure that you know what to do even without consideration.

A lot of work to correct the mistakes in such a great film

Most of the performance went well, some went off with a bang. However, there were some rough edges that ended up in the sequel.

What is the movie about: Paul, the son of the murdered Duke Atreides, joined the desert tribes of the Fremen and adopted their knowledge and traditions. More and more Fremen see him as the prophesied messiah.

More and more people are ready to follow him to war with the House of Harkonnen, which is siphoning resources from Arrakis. And only the girl Chani wants to see in him not a god, but a man. Meanwhile, the Fremen rebellion begins to worry not only Baron Harkonnen, but also the emperor himself.

Villeneuve once again showed how he perfectly understands every project he works with: thoroughly and with excellent meticulousness, turning even the most complex things into understandable ones for everyone. Let me note right away for those who had difficulty getting through the last part – here the structure itself has changed.

Until recently, the director said that he would like to completely avoid dialogue in films. In his opinion, cinema should be preferred to music and visuals. In the latest Dune, he has already begun to show what it’s all about. This is where what has been started is preserved.

The new “Dune” visual ability to literally feel and mentally “touch”. The picture was just developed. Well, the authors know how to create worlds. Also so reliable. The film was shot in five locations – UAE, Norway, Norway, Italy and Hungary. And how similar these places are to real ones, not because the landscapes were shot in nature, but because of their structure and staging as a whole. Even “green screens” are not visible here, a very complex method of making things up from reality.

And how deftly and skillfully Greg Fraser handles the electrical switch. He selects the right shots and often “plays” with changing views. Thanks to this, you instantly turn your attention to what is really important to the plot at a given moment in time. Even at the very beginning of the picture, it sometimes seemed to me that sand was really flying into my face. This movie is a must see in IMAX. Well, or at least in a regular cinema, but not at home.

Speaking about the work on bugs that I “announced” a little higher, I’ll note the main correction.

How wrong the marketing was in the case of the prequel, where Zendaya was constantly shown, and she appeared on the screen only 20-25 minutes at the end of the runtime. And many viewers complained about this. Now her character has been given much more screen time.

I deliberately do not touch on the plot part in order to avoid various amounts of spoilers. I will say this: the narrative in the sequel is different. This time the story does not stagnate, but rather rushes forward rapidly. The dynamics here are simply crazy, no one will be bored even for 10 minutes. And all thanks to what?

The scale of everything here has increased exponentially

The Harkonnen citadel structures, the ship of the padishah-emperor the size of a compressed planet, the worms of Shai-Huludi and much more – all this creates a scale that we have not seen, probably since the time of the original “Star Wars” (we change time and impressions).

Of course, you understand that it will probably be difficult for technology to live in local conditions. But how pleasing they are to the eye. It even has its own Mordor. As epic and huge as in Tolkien’s books and Peter Jackson’s film adaptations.

However, the new Dune is not contemplative “Blade Runner 2049”. The director passed here doesn’t linger anywhere. This epic and picture of its genre fully responds. As soon as you see the main throne room, the defense begins, and your gaze turns to the national epic forests.

At the same time, desert locations even have their own touch of madness. The actions there are reminiscent of Mad Max every now and then. And you, in parallel with the constant scenery, observe a multi-level complex story, verified to the smallest detail. Of course, there were some fragments cut out from the original story.

It’s impossible to fit the entire “Day” into even two 2.5-hour films, you need to understand this. But the structure has become simpler, we no longer throw in a significant number of characters, and thanks to this you don’t get lost.

Watch only in movies. And nothing else

“Dune: Part Two” is an exemplary movie in which everything is great: from a multifaceted almost Shakespearean plot to amazing battles and the incredible scale of the created universe.

It would be a great insult if you decided to watch this film even in your home theater. The new film needs to be watched only in a cinema, and release in Russia is scheduled for March 7. Perhaps not in all cinemas, but this is our reality.

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