A class action lawsuit has been filed against Apple in the US District Court for the Northern District of California. The company is accused of inflating iCloud prices and violating antitrust laws.

Users sue Apple over iCloud prices


The lawsuit was filed by law firm Hagens Berman on behalf of lead plaintiff Julianna Félix Gamboa. Apple is accused of violating the Sherman Act and the Clayton Act. The document claims that the computing giant has established an “illegal monopoly” thanks to its iOS cloud storage policy.

The key argument was Apple’s restriction, which forced device owners to use iCloud exclusively to backup all types of files.

The publication AppleInsider, which drew attention to the document, notes that Apple’s competitor Samsung, for example, offers users the ability to make backups using both Samsung Drive and Google Drive.

iCloud is reportedly still under investigation, but there appears to be “no technological or security justification for restricting user options in this way.”

This lawsuit will be one of many accusations against Apple of violating antitrust laws. For example, in January the company had to make changes to App Store rules, which previously required app developers to support the “Sign in with Apple” feature.

And in February it became known that the European Commission intends to fine the company €500 million for violating antitrust laws in the field of music streaming following a complaint from Spotify.

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