WhatsApp has started testing support for passkeys (“access keys” in Portuguese) on iOS. This feature started rolling out to testers of the Beta version of the messenger on Sunday (3) and is found in the version of the messenger, available exclusively for Apple mobile phones.

With this new feature, the tester can configure his own password to access the account for future logins. The credential is saved in iCloud Keychain and can be deleted at any time.

Passkeys are an authentication method that eliminates the use of individual passwords and replaces them with more effective authentication mechanisms such as Face ID, Touch ID, or device PIN.

In case of WhatsApp, The access key replaces the six-digit code used to authenticate the user.

transition process

For now, toggle switches support is only available to testers on iOS. There is an option to enter the six-digit code if you need to log in to your account from a device that is not yet compatible with the functionality.

It’s worth noting that setting a passkey is completely optional but highly recommended. The authentication method is more modern and provides more convenience to the user.

While the function only appears on iOS, it should be only a matter of time before WhatsApp for Android, Web, and Desktop gets support for the function. But, There are no predictions for this right now.

Source: Tec Mundo

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