One of the main updates this spring was the new MacBook Air with the M3 processor.

There weren’t that many differences between this and the previous generation, but they do exist. We’ll tell you how laptops differ from each other.

All the differences between MacBook Air 2024 and MacBook Air 2022

▶ New MacBook Air 2024 Powered by an M3 processor, it has 10 GPU cores and supports up to 24GB of combined memory. It has hardware support for ray tracing and a 16-core Neural Engine.

▶ Old MacBook Air 2022 Powered by an 8-core Apple M2 chip. It too has 10 GPU cores and supports up to 24GB of combined memory.

In benchmark tests, the M3 outperforms the M2 by about 17% in single-core tasks and by about 21% in multi-core tasks. And in terms of graphics, the increase was about 15% thanks to the new GPU architecture and dynamic caching.

▶ New MacBook Air 2024 Supports Voice Isolation and Broadcast modes.
Built-in microphones enhance voice clarity in audio and video calls.

The M3 chip has an AV1 decoding engine built into it. There is Wi-Fi 6E.

▶ New MacBook Air 2024 supports for two external monitors. To use them, you must close the lid of your MacBook.

▶ Old MacBook Air 2022 supports only one external monitor.

▶ In the new MacBook Air 2024 An anodized finish is used to reduce fingerprints on the Midnight body color.

And it’s all. For this reason, Apple did not offer a separate presentation for the new MacBooks.

Prices for the new product start from US$1099. The previous version with the M2 chip will cost $999 and is only available in a version with a 13-inch display.

Source: Iphones RU

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