idealized byr elon muskThe richest man in the world in 2015 star connection is a satellite internet company created to provide connectivity to remote areas, such as rural areas, that do not have access to more traditional telecommunications services.

In Brazil, the service was authorized by Anatel in January of this year and it is already possible for Brazilians to sign contracts to receive the internet. While not a complicated task, the internet comes at a very high price. Currently, download speeds range from 100 to 200 Mbps while upload speeds are around 10 Mbps. The data is relative because it is connected to a satellite, areas where buildings or other communication networks are located can distort the signal, causing speed fluctuations.

How to subscribe to Starlink?

The first step in hiring the service is to check if it’s already available in your area.

Before starting the tutorial, it is worth noting that the website of the internet operator has problems with some Brazilian terms. Accented words, cedilla or non-English terms are not widely accepted on the site and may cause errors.

In the tests done here TecMundo, we need to write Florianópolis without the “ó” for the site to understand the location. Now, check it step by step:

  • enter the official website star connection and enter your address. Then click Order Now;
  • The page will present the preliminary values ​​​​of the subscription and ask you to confirm the address to which the antenna and service will be sent, your zip code, city, state, enter precise information in addition to personal data. as name and mobile phone. Confirm changes after filling;

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  • Then complete the registration with your credit card information and confirm the order;
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  • An e-mail will be sent confirming the transaction, containing the order code and instructions to receive your antenna.

Is the high price worth it?

Even if it’s just out of curiosity The price charged by Starlink is very scary. The standard price of equipment with antenna and router is R$3,000. Shipping and tax may vary from state to state, but the price isn’t too inviting either.

About the service, the subscription at R$530 is hefty, even more when added to the tax of R$252.93. In total, you need to pay a little more 700 BRL per month To enjoy Elon Musk’s internet.

It is important to note that we have not performed Starlink’s empirical tests on this subject and are relying only on all information and figures officially released by the company. However, it was possible to find offers up to R$120 with downloads up to 400Mbps from Tim, Oi and Claro at the same address.

The cost benefit is for everyone’s wallet, but for now Starlink isn’t a reality for the overwhelming majority of Brazilians, and in general, satellite internet is really just an option for those living in an isolated place with no connectivity facilities.

Source: Tec Mundo

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