Despite having a strong partnership with Google in the mobile segment, Samsung has yet to Google TV operating system or Android TV on their smart TVs. Despite the platform’s advantages, such as smart suggestions and a unified interface, the South Korean company has a reason not to use the software on their televisions: The company has a proprietary solution that is quite popular.

Samsung Smart TVs from the factory tizen operating system, Developed by Samsung with Linux. The versatile solution turns South Korean devices into complete multimedia sets with various setting options and functions in a refined interface.

In addition, the solution has other advantages that are very attractive to both Samsung and its users. Strong in the spotlight Integration with the SmartThings ecosystemHe is also the owner of the South Korean company, which has become a reference in the market and receives frequent investments from the company.

Because the system is independent of Google, Samsung TV users do not have access to brand resources such as Play Store. However, as Tizen is the most used TV system in the world, Samsung’s ecosystem has core apps focused on streaming and other solutions like future native support for xCloud.

Also, leaving aside the system and Google store, Samsung No need to pay license fee or sell apps.

Is it possible to use Google TV with Samsung TVs?

For those who want to experience Google TV features on Samsung products, there is still a solution – or almost so. Although it is not possible to install another operating system on Samsung televisions, at least in traditional and accessible ways, Google TV app on mobile.

While using the mobile version, the user can benefit from the content recommendations made by Google TV. Then stream movies and series to available streaming apps for Samsung’s Smart TV, taking advantage of the core features on both platforms.

But currently the Google TV app for Android and iOS still has some limitations. The platform already has advanced recommendation features but is not compatible with services like Netflix and Star+.

Image: Samsung Galaxy A52

Source: Tec Mundo

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