On your day off, I suggest you remember what interesting and important things happened during this work week in order to keep abreast of what is happening in the world of gadgets and technology, and also discuss this news with friends.

Below we have collected all the most interesting things over the past six days, what was written about and discussed on the pages of iPhones.ru.

This week we compared all the MacBook models with the M-chip of different principles, the outstanding history of the development of important health gadgets, the ones that returned written money to the account phone, the surprising history of the creation of the jetpack and much more.

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1. How do MacBook Air models differ? Compare MacBooks M1, M2 and M3

I decided to compare all three current MacBook Airs on Apple ARM processors and understand which model is better to buy in the spring of 2024: the first Air of 2020, the second Air of 2022/2023, or the new product of 2024.

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2. Great analysis of how the world’s most advanced hearing aids work. This is also a gadget, and what a technological one at that.

Many people with hearing loss use hearing aids. Typically, this is a device that fits into the ear and sticks out a little. But there are also more technological solutions, which will be discussed in this article.

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3. What to do if the operator charged you for roaming, but you have not left Russia. Return is easy

For a day on the German Peninsula in Murmansk and without using the local Internet – minus 1,400 rubles from the account. Not a lot of money, but if I hadn’t noticed it in time, we could have spent 5, 10 or more thousand rubles.

Why did this happen: on the territory of the peninsula, I several times found myself in the coverage area of ​​foreign telecom operators – respectively, Norwegian ones. The iPhone quickly connected to it, tried to get online, even changed the time zone without my knowledge.

It’s good that you can get your money back. Just like protecting yourself from any situations in the border areas of Russia. In the following example I give the main operator, but I am sure that for other “opsos” everything is the same, plus or minus.

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4. Like three friends with a jetpack. One was murdered, the second was kidnapped, the third was imprisoned for the statement of the second

In 1995, test pilot Bill Suitoril was ready for one of the most important flights of his life.

He put on a 60kg Rocket Belt 2000 backpack, pressed a button and took off into the air. His flight lasted about 28 seconds, but that didn’t matter. The main thing is that flying on a jetpack has become a reality.

Rocket Belt 2000 was developed by the American company American Rocket Belt Corporation, which was founded in 1992 by Joe Wright, Brad Barker and Larry Stanley. In a few years, one of the founders will be killed, the second will be kidnapped, the third will be imprisoned for the imprisonment of the second. And no one will see a bigger invention.

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5. I share the hellish method of divorce on Avito. How my uncle almost got a stolen iPhone and minus 28 thousand rubles

a reader writes to us:

Hi all! I want to tell you about a rather unusual method of scam on Avito, the victim of which was almost my relative, who wanted to buy a new iPhone on Avito.

The deception scheme is quite simple, but no less insidious. You can waste your nerves and not get a smartphone, or even lose money. I’ll tell you the details.

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6. Current. How to create a business profile in Telegram and how it differs from a regular one

This week Telegram received an important update, which introduced the function of creating business accounts.

This opportunity is primarily appreciated by companies and entrepreneurs, because now they can create an account for their brand on Telegram to communicate with customers.

We talk about the advantages of a business account, what it can do and how to create it.

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7. I got money under the Apple warranty in Russia in 2024. This is real, and you need to do the following

a reader writes to us:

Good day everyone! And although it varies from person to person, for me personally he is simply super-kind.

Reason: successful pre-trial completion of the warranty repair process and refund of money for the phone at one of the regional retail outlets.

In the material I will tell you everything in detail from start to finish.

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8. Various interesting things

📍Apple and Hermès presented a knitted strap for Apple Watch for 32 thousand rubles.

This is a knitted accessory available in four colors: Bleu Jean, Jaune de Naples, Orange and Beige de Weimar. The company says that tactilely the new product resembles the same gloves.

📍 Sber has launched a mobile service for installing Sberbank Online on iOS at home

The option is available in more than 200 cities in Russia (full list). Bank employees not only install the program, but also explain how to use it. To call an “installer”, you need to leave a request on the website and indicate to her a convenient time and place.

📍Dodge presented its first electric car.

According to the company, the 2024 Charger Daytona muscle car’s technology can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 3.3 seconds. It covers a quarter mile (402 meters) in just 11 seconds.

📍 Android apps will stop working on Windows 11 in 2025

All applications that users installed before March 5, 2024 continue to work until the end, subsystems are supported. New applications can no longer be installed.

📍 Apple has developed a convenient way to transfer files from iOS to Android.

The project is planned for autumn 2025, but details are unknown. The Verge suggests that Apple will release a set of APIs that Google can use to create its own apps by sharing data.

📍As a result, Microsoft said that Russian hackers stole a small source code in espionage.

The company says that hackers are now trying to use the information received. They want even more access to external systems and possibly user data.

📍 iOS 17.4 has been released with support for application interface elements. What are other news

With this update, the company has made a number of major changes. They mainly concern the countries of the European Union, but there are other innovations for other countries.

📍 In the US, a former Google engineer who opposes the most artificial intelligence technologies for Chinese companies

It is reported that Ding Linwei stole data on the hardware and software platform for training large AI models in the company’s data centers.

That’s what this week was like. Enjoy your holiday and see you in the next Sunday digest.

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