MacRumors, citing a reputable insider, stated that Apple has already begun releasing iOS 18.

At this stage, the VendorUI version is used for quality control testing. It differs from the release version in that it does not contain functions and applications that are not needed for testing.

With each iOS update, Apple develops several different versions of iOS:

► Release: final iOS, intended for end consumers

► InternalUI: For Apple software engineers, often contains a preview version of the iOS user interface with unreleased and unannounced features.

► VendorUI: for quality control testing in factories, can save iOS UI elements in preview mode

► NonUI: For hardware engineers and calibration machines that do not have a standard iOS user interface.

► LLDiags: for use in low-level diagnostics and has no user interface at all, except for a simple diagnostic menu.

The resource reports that the Freeform application has been improved in its sources in iOS 18 and macOS 15. “Scenes” are added to it – additional custom sections that help optimize navigation in the program. The user just needs to name this section, mark it on the board, and he can move on to working on other elements, while quickly returning back.

Freeform Scenes are iCloud compatible for faster sharing and editing.

User Interface Controls The Freeform Scene will be located next to the zoom controls, in the bottom left area of ​​the application. Users will see a new icon with vertical lines, and when they click on it, the corresponding interface will be displayed. There’s a panel with clear arrow icons to make it easier to navigate between scenes, as well as a square between the two arrows. Clicking on the latter will add additional options for selecting or navigating between scenes.

Source: Iphones RU

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