VK is testing its own solution for training artificial intelligence. You can train simultaneously with data from different databases without real sharing or risk of personal data leakage. The principle is called vertical federated learning (VML), writes Vedomosti.

VK to launch AI model for training on independent data networks


Google was the first to use this technology; Amazon, IBM and Nvidia are also developing it. The global federated learning market was $133.1 million last year and is expected to grow to $311 million by 2032, according to Market.us.

Predictive models help forecast supply or demand. For example, the model can immediately analyze a retailer’s sales data and mall traffic data. Thanks to the data obtained, the retailer will be able to predict the demand for its products in a particular shopping center and the shopping center will be able to select suitable tenants.

The solution may be in demand in different industries, such as fintech and industrial. VK is currently testing the service with several retail and development partners, and plans to sell this solution in the future.


Karina Pardaeva

Source: RB

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